Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real test for ODI format in Champions Trophy

Uncertainties on the future of ODI format of cricket is in increasing trend of late. So many questions were arisen on the survival of this fantastic format of the game. ICC on the other side always maintains that 50 over game is still a feasible format.

Friends Trophy is the major 50-over tournament in England’s domestic circuit. But ECB has replaced it with 40-over game, which is real concern. Likewise, BCCI have stripped Deodhar Trophy, which is the 50-over domestic game. Even South Africa is only playing 45-over game domestically.

Considering all these latest developments in cricketing arena, one would doubt whether this format is slowly facing its demise. Haroon Lorgat thinks otherwise by saying it is too early to think about demise.

In all the senses, Champions Trophy is really going to test ODI format and this tournament would certainly decide the future course of the format.


Anonymous said...

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Cricket Bats said...

It look as if the Champions league will be in a new format next time round!