Monday, September 7, 2009

Imran Khan encourages Shoaib Akhtar for coming back

Former world cup winning captain of Pakistan Imran Khan have advised Shoaib Akhtar not to waste his few years international career and urged to work hard to get back in to the team. He further advised to retire with honor and pride.

Imran Khan has advised Shoaib during a campaign of fund raising for his Shaukat Khanum Research Cancer Hospital. Imran have told Shoaib if he gets his place back in national team and if Shoaib performs, then his past would be forgotten and people would only remember the present.

Shoaib Akhtar was involved in some many on and off field controversies and issues in the past few months. But seems to be striking a chord with PCB as he have apologized for appearing in a TV talk show with out seeking board’s clearance. PCB played it down as his apology has pleased the cricket board. Even chief selector has also in a statement told that the fast bowler can make a comeback if he changes his attitude and be positive.

Akhtar, during the campaign was looked fit with shedding few kilos.


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Alen said...

Yes I am agree with this blog, shohaib should come back once again in pak team. He has capability to become a part of pak team.

Jack said...

I think shohaid join the pak team, he is strong player in pak team.

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nazia said...

great sharing but shoaib akhtar is one of the fastes bowler and now in world cup 2011 we hope that he will show great performance
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Two of the greatest fast bowlers ever Imran Khan and Shoaib Akhtrar.

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